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FORMAT ONE - By khiddymane on 1st March 2021 07:55:59 PM

Copy/paste approach for those who want to take first 2-4K billing through the CSA nurse themselves. 


✔️How to chat on dating site 

✔️About me and my family 

✔️Where you live 

✔️Profession detailed 

✔️Questions and Answers about yourself and relationships 

✔️How to bill and take your first confirmation 

New Format ... 


On Dating Site 

🪔Find a conversation starter 

Examples ➿Did you have a long day today ?? 

➿What are your plans for the evening ? 

➿I love your profile picture where was the picture taken 

➿can we have coffee together 

After he replies 

➿Ask if hes has any luck on here ?? 

NB that will make you know if he’s been on the site for long , knows scam or is worth chatting . 

➿Ask whats he’s looking for on here?  

Your answer 

Nothing much just someone honest and caring and we see how it goes 

➿Ask how long he has been single and if he has any kids 

Your answer 

I have no kids and I’ve been single for three years now and I’ve just not been ready just trying to find someone matured who wants something serious and not just fun . 

➿Ask him what he does for a living 

Your answer 

I’m a fashion consultant or Beautician or Cosmetologist . 

➿Ask whats his ideal woman 

Your answer 

My ideal man is just a simple caring man who has a great sense of humor , is smart and intelligent and cultured but aside all knows how to show love and romance and make a woman feel cherished and appreciated 

Chat him a little more 

▶️How to get his contact 

You sound nice and fun can you give me your contact so we chat more privately and share some pics , 


🕷Where are you from ? 

🦇I was born in Europe to an American Dad and My mom is from Europe ( UK , Scotland , Germany , Canada ) 

I came here as a teenager and I have lived here for 20 years . 

About your MOM /AUNT 

💼Plot Scroll down for its billing way 

Moms age must be 64-75

My mom is sick with Parkinson’s Disease or Azheirmer Disease or Dementia which requires her to need the help of a private CSA nurse . 


Either your mom lives with you or she lives in another state with the nurse taking care of her . 


If your mom lives with you , Make sure the distance between you and the client is 4 or more hours . 

About your Dad 

My dad is dead and I have few distant relatives I haven’t met or know of . 

Have you ever been married before or got any kids ? 

🕷I’ve not been married before and I got no kids yet . I guess I didn’t find the right person for all this 

Will you like to have any kids in future 

🕷I’ve not ruled the idea out so if you want to have kids too we can surely make some . 

Where do you live ? 


Either you live in the same state with him and your mom lives in the next border state 

For eg you live in Newyork and your mom lives in Ohio , Pennsylvania. ETC 

Do you live in a house or apartment , Do you have a roommate 

🕷I live in an apartment with no roommate 


If you use your aunt in the format both of your parents are dead . 

More Simple Questions 

🕷What is your profession 

I’m a fashion consultant Or 

I’m a beautician and Cosmetologist

🕷Do you drive ? 

I don’t drive because of the accident my dad suffered it scares me , but I think I will try one day with good supervision 

 🕷What are you looking in your partner 

Someone smart and intelligent , someone who likes honest and loyal , one that can show affection , passionate and very romantic . Someone who wants to try new things and someone who puts their lady as a priority .. 

🕷Do you love cooking 

Not much because I my work schedule but I cook when I have free time 

🕷What type of foods do you like ? 

Pizza , Sandwich , Grilled beefs and Lots of leaves and vegetables and seafoods 

🕷What are your interests 

I love reading , I love to understand nature and I love to help people when and I like to travel and I like to try continental dishes with my partner 

🕷What do you do for fun

I love country music , relax and exercise a little and just watch the news and some good historic movies 

🕷what are your hobbies 

Swimming , playing tennis , etc 

🕷what are favorite shows on Tv 

Basketball , NFL , Oprah , History channel , Etc 

🕷Do you drink / smoke or do Drugs 

I do drink red wine occasionally, I don’t smoke or do drugs 

🕷what are your likes and dislikes 

I love loyal , honest , smart and kind individuals , I hate being cheated on , treated like an option and being a second choice 

🕷What is your educational background 

And what did you study 

I studied communications and information studies but couldn’t complete unfortunately due to some personal circumstances 


If he asks you to Explain about your Profession . 

🕷Fashion Consultant 

I work privately online at home and customers houses . It’s just some friends partnership , we review lots of clients dresses and designs and offer lots of counseling to upcoming fashion designing at a fee . 

🕷Beautician/ Cosmetologists 

I deal with foreign hair and cosmetics and also make good choices on customers preferences and the right products to use for their skin and hair . 

You work privately at home sometimes and a wide range of people during pageants and some shows . 

How much do you make a month / Year and how do you make money 

🕷I make about 3-5k a month depending on how many reviews i make and counselling i do , I also have permanent customers who also pays whether I offer services or not , which is at a good charge for them too . 

I make about 36,000-40,000 dollars a year . 

How did you learn your profession 

🕷I actually learnt most as a kid from a family friend and I did it practical and vocationally and made it professional myself after some years 

How long have you been in your profession 

🕷Almost all my life but took it as a profession few years ago 

What are your passion in life 

🕷I love fashion and I’m obsessed about dress and hairstyles and how people change their appearance and how it affects how a person fits in a group of people or how their looks affects their confidence and emotions 


Regardless of where you live now, where would you most like to live? 

🕷A suburd , The countryside with the peace and serene nature and composed neighbors . 

In addition to love and affection, what are your main reasons for wanting a relationship? 

🕷Well having a partner i can trust, one I can get back home and smile at , one I will be secured and feel safe with and someone who brights my morning with their kisses and lovely gestures .. life is easy with a partner

What is most likely to make you interested in someone? 

🕷Looks and appearance fade away and even though that is a considerate point I want someone with a kind heart , smart and intelligent and is ready to face risks even if he fails . 

Why do you think you're single? 

🕷I have not had much good luck with men , most just want to flirt and have fun and all I’ve yearned for is a matured experienced man ready to share life together and make each other a priority 

If you find a book or article particularly interesting, do you want your partner to read it as well?

🕷Of course I want to share all the gists and lessons and will love to discuss what I read with my partner and listen to his amazing opinions 

Suppose you lived in a two-bedroom apartment with your partner, what would the sleeping arrangement be?

🕷I sleep at the left side and he takes the right side of me in one bedroom , I want to wake up to his smile and kisses 

How do you react to lovesickness?

🕷I know it’s sad not to have your partner feel the same way about you or share the same intense feelings but I’m ready to relax and build love slowly since I know peoples pasts affect how they give in to love sometimes 

What do you think about cheating in a relationship? 

🕷Cheating is never Ok!! I will like you to be straight with me and tell me it’s over than go through the taboo of cheating . Loyalty is an important qualities I seek for in my partner

What do you want your partner to like about you?

🕷I just want him to like my simple nature , understand me and just love me being reserved, affectionate,cheerful, honest,warm-hearted, independent 

Which of the following do your friends and family think about you? 

🕷Always optimistic and always finds a good solution for herself ,even in unpleasant situations

What do you think is most important in a relationship? 

🕷Accepting our imperfections, not examining everything in depth.

What do you think is most important in a relationship? 

🕷Making each other a priority and putting each other’s needs first and just making loyalty and honesty our mantra 

What do you like to do in your free time?

🕷reading, relaxing, litening to music, going to the theater

What kinds of hobbies do you have? 

🕷cooking,music,sports,art,photography, History

What kinds of sports or activities do you do?

🕷Playing tennis , exercising 

How often do you workout/play sports?

🕷When I’m less busy 

What type of music do you like to listen to? 

🕷Opera,country, r&b,Classics, 

What kinds of vacations do you like to take? 

🕷Beach vacation, staycation, spa vacation etc

How do you plan your vacations? 

🕷i plan them far in advance and schedule everything

💼How to Bill / Billing Way 

Billing starts when he’s fallen good and desperate to see you . 


Since your mom /aunt is sick with one of this disease Azheirmer , Dementia , Parkinson . She always require a CSA private nurse to cook , give her medication, therapy , bath her sometimes and entertain her a bit .. 

So the billing is simple 

Billing way 1️⃣

If you live with your Mom/Aunt 

🕷Honey I need to find a CSA nurse for mom so they can take care of her and I can come to you . I can’t live her alone , She can’t shower or do basic stuffs herself so i need to get the nurse who looks after her when im away or busy with work . 

I’m a little down on money and I will need about 2-4K to pay for her nurse services so she can take care of her for some months so we can start our life together . 

Billing way 2️⃣

If your aunt/mom lives in another state . 


Let the client know she’s been recovering from Parkinson or Azheirmer or Dementia at the beginning. 

Start it after he falls and wants you to come to him then bring the emergency call 

You had a call from your moms neighbor her sickness seems to be back because she’s been walking weird and can’t even cook or shower so you need to rush come see her then afterwards fly to him directly 

You take an emergency flight and get there . 

▶️How to bill 

Honey moms not feeling good she needs her private CSA nurse to help her and support and help her take care of herself because she hardly remembers what she just said a moment ago . 

But the nurse needs about 2-4K and I’m really short on money can you help me a bit I will really appreciate that . So I can fly back to you as we planned

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