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[a superpowered roommate sitcom]



     Superheroes. Everyone’s heard of them. There isn’t a single person alive who hasn’t been saved by a hero at some point. We idolize them just as much as our favorite singers and musicians. We grew up with eXcelsior posters on our walls and Danger Squad action figures on our desks.
     And then there’s the most illustrious group of all; The Guardians. With a squad dedicated to almost every major city, The Guardians are known and loved the world over.
     But how does someone even go about joining their illustrious ranks? That’s what the residents of one apartment in downtown San Francisco are about to discover. Whether they were recruited or sought out the application themselves, these young hero hopefuls are now officially part of the official Guardian Training Program. They’ll go through everything from physical training, to low-ranking missions, to social media seminars - all in the hopes of becoming part of the official Guardians roster.
     For these young heroes, danger lurks around every corner. How do you protect your secret identity from your loved ones? Will the mistakes of your past finally catch up with you? Which is scarier; literal supervillains, or the angry Boomers at your day job? They’ll have to learn to work together if they want to accomplish their goals, much less survive the year.
     Welcome, future heroes, to The Guardians!

[tldr; this is a world in which superheroes (and supervillains) are just another fact of life. several young heroes-in-training must share an apartment as they train to become full-fledged members of the elite hero squad, the guardians. shenanigans ensue. basically a superhero roommate sitcom, with some speculative fiction elements, re: the existence of heroes and sci-fi hero society. the universe combines elements from all the major superhero comics (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse) and a little from My Hero Academia as well!]



• [go wild, friends!!!]

• The most well-known hero group in the world. They have teams in almost every major city and bases across the globe. (As well as a satellite/space station and another deep under the Pacific Ocean, but shhh, those are both highly classified.) Members are basically celebrities on par with Brad Pitt and Beyoncé.
• The Guardians were founded in the nineties by eight of the world’s leading heroes. Though originally independent, they united forces to take down an intergalactic threat and realized the good they could do together. Their name comes from one of their former members, Guardian, who was lost in the fight.
• Travel between bases can be easily accomplished through tele-decks, as well as clandestine teledecks[?] hidden in places like telephone booths.
• Guardians HQ is located in San Francisco. It’s built into a cliffside though a combination of Leandro’s magic, Danica’s tech, and financed by [The Mask’s] money. The base features no less than a dozen levels, but possibly up to a hundred. Well, maybe Leandro was joking about that one. Who knows? Your trainee pass will only allow you access to the top ten, which include; the general level (a large lobby that is used as an event space, rec hall), the residential levels (bedroom suites, caf, bathrooms), teleportation decks (though access is restricted for trainees), training rooms (gyms, distance ranges, hardlight battle simulators), and labs.
• Some members of the official team prefer to live on base, hence the residential levels, but most live independently. All members of the official roster receive a monthly stipend, courtesy of Sterling Incorporated.
• Every year on the anniversary of their founding, the Guardians host a Founders Night Gala. Every member, past and current, is invited to Guardians HQ for the party. It serves as a way to increase cooperation between teams, recognize accomplishments, and honor their fallen members.
• Romance is heavily discouraged between members of the Guardians, though this rule isn’t ever actually enforced. Just look forward to a lot of glares and vague warnings from Leandro if you fall for a teammate. Then again, it’s better than telling a civilian romantic partner and having to bring them in to sign Guardians NDAs.

• New members must first go through a year-long training program before they’re officially inducted into the Guardians. To even get an application you need the reference of one past or current member. This could come in the form of recruitment for independent vigilantism, recommendation by personal contact, or perhaps punishment for knowing too much/concerns about future villainy.
• Trainees are split into groups of [NUMBER] in order to foster teamwork. At any given time, there are dozens of trainee teams connected to different Guardians bases across the world.
• During training, the team must live together (another test of teamwork). The apartment is actually the whole top floor of a converted factory in downtown San Francisco. The first floor is a coffee shop and bakery run by two retired CIA agents and longtime Guardians allies. Behind the building is an alley with no windows or cameras overlooking it, which is perfect for getting into and out of the building in disguise. Don’t worry, the Guardian’s biggest investor, Sterling Incorporated will cover the ridiculously high San Francisco living expenses.
• There are many parts to the trainee program. The most important part is physical training, from conditioning, to combat, to battle simulations. Trainees must be at the HQ gyms for an hour each week to work on and improve some area of their abilities and are expected to continue training independently. Outside of that, trainees will be taught everything from emergency first-aid to keeping their secret identity intact in the age of social media.
• While trainees are in the program, they must work with a mentor. Oftentimes, they are allowed to pick their own, but one might be assigned given the nature of their recruitment. Members are only allowed to advise one trainee at a time, due to the level of commitment involved. Mentors will run their physical training and eventually begin to take them on smaller missions as time progresses. Trainees are required to meet with their mentor once a month during their own time to assess how their training is progressing. However, different mentors will have different requirements for their recruits, so trainees are advised to pick wisely.

• Ever thought “You know what would be terrible? If all the world’s worst villains teamed up to make life a living hell for the heroes!” Yeah, that’s these guys.
• Due to the nature of villains, they’re not necessarily as organized as any of the hero groups. They don’t have any bases (that we know of…) or much in the way of communication. What they do have is a flimsy agreement to team up when it suits their own goals or just to stay out of each other’s way.

• eXelcior: An all-mutant team based on the East Coast - more specifically, the Alexandria Academy in upstate New York, run by famous philanthropist Chelsea Xylander, but the public doesn’t know that this prestigious boarding school is a home for mutants. While their ranks are much smaller, and they typically only work in mutant-related problems, they’ve been operating since the sixties and have a generally positive reputation. However, clashes in moral philosophy between Professor Xylander and Magnus have led to a rift between eXecelsior and the Guardians.

• The Banshees: Closer to antiheroes than anything else. Three women with noble goals, such as returning stolen artifacts to their homelands and promoting clean energy. The Guardians actually agree with them for the most part - they just wish they would stop holding up banks and blowing up coal plants (with all the workers still inside!) to accomplish it. For this reason, the Banshees and the Guardians have something of an understanding re: getting caught and arrested. (Which might also have something to do with the Mask’s, erm, complicated relationship with their de facto leader, Kitsune.)
• The League of Mutants: A mutant terrorist group, the main adversaries of eXcelsior. Formed by Professor Xylander’s former partner, Dr. Helen Jernigan (also known as Juno). The two actually founded Alexandria together and were both pro-mutant activists in the sixties, but broke up due to a difference in philosophies. For a long time, the mysterious Black Queen acted as Polaris’s right-hand woman, and it looked like she was being groomed to one day take over the League. However, she disappeared over twenty years ago and the much more proactive Catastrophe has taken her place.
• The Black Cat Band: Informally known as the BCB. A group of nine formerly low-level criminals who happened to get their hands on some enchanted weapons, giving them cat-like physiology and magical powers. Each one is named after a different wild cat, based on which powers/weapons they were granted. Their leaders are Snow Leopard (who wields a halberd that shoots energy blasts) and Lioness (whose gauntlets give her superhuman strength). Other members include Panther (camouflage magic), and Puma (his twin; wields an electrified whip), Civet (who has retractable metal claws she can throw at her enemies), Hyena (sonic screams), Tiger (a flaming sword), Cheetah (superhuman speed), and Ocelot (low-level teleportation). The BCB mostly sticks to robberies and are more of an annoyance to the Guardians than anything else. Have a pesky habit of getting themselves out of prison.



[Founding Members]
Leandro Silvia - Magnus [Pedro Pascal; Dr. Strange]
• The most powerful sorcerer on Earth and possibly also the snarkiest. Very friendly and a little silly, but don’t underestimate him; Leandro knows when to get serious. There’s a reason he’s one of the “leaders” of the Guardians, and it isn’t just because he’s so charming in press conferences.

Danica Ripley - Genisys [Lena Heady; Iron Man]
• One of the few heroes whose identity is known to the public. Danica isn’t just in the Forbes 500, she is the Forbes 500. Her nanotech breakthroughs have revolutionized the 21st century, and it’s also what powers her suit. Very witty and a generally fun person to be around - which is probably why she and Leandro get along so well.

Stephanie Peterson - Persephone [Joan Smalls; Wonder Woman/Thor]
• Yes, you read that right; Steph is the very literal Persephone of myth. A kind soul who also won’t hesitate to wrap you in a fortress of plant life. Technically only a member of the Guardians for the half of the year she isn’t chilling with her husband underground.

Jane Doe - Infinity [Gwendoline Christie; Superman/Martian Manhunter]
• Born on Xenon, but raised in the American Midwest after the destruction of her own planet in a civil war. Jane works as a human rights advocate and carries that commitment to ending interpersonal conflict into her superheroing career. A little shy and awkward (she’s still getting used to Earthen manners), which can come across as stoic and angry, but fiercely determined with a strong sense of morals.

Winston Sterling - The Mask [Idris Elba; Batman]
• Poised and proper Sterling Incorporated CEO and philanthropist by day, gritty vigilante by night. Winston still loves his hometown, even after it was devastated by a recession in the eighties (which also led to the ruin of his parents). Very protective of his identity and is never seen out of disguise at HQ, though it’s a pretty open secret in the Guardians at this point. (Much like his “complicated” relationship with Queens leader, Kitsune.)

Dr. Jacques Hénri - Mr. Hyde [Jean Dujardin; The Hulk]
• One of the world’s most prominent scientists. Hit a bit of a stumbling block in the eighties when he ran out of funding and tested an experimental serum on himself, leading to the formation of an alternate, superhumanly strong persona. Jacques and Hyde have since made peace. While Hyde channels his rage to fight crime, Jacques is just as prized by the Guardians for his mind.

Guiying Yuan - Champion [Lucy Liu; Captain America]
• Guiying has been fighting crime since before your parents were a thought in their parents’ heads…just in another dimension. Despite the fact that the accident that brought her here took place thirty years ago, she’s still having a hard time adjusting to a reality that isn’t constantly at war. Often butts heads with Danica, but they have a deep respect for each other.

[Later Recruits]
Vance Garett - Ace [Hawkeye; ???]
• A recent graduate of the Guardians’ training program and one of the only mutants in their ranks. Gifted with enhanced physiology and adaptive muscle memory. An awkward goofball who just wants to help everyone. Former classmate of Kei’s.

Cpt. Pema Tinsley - Wonder [Dichen Lachman; Captain Marvel]
• A former high-ranking Air Force officer who discovered her alien heritage while supervising an experimental mission into space. Often acts as a bridge between human and alien cultures. Acts like she’s permanently done with everyone’s bullshit on the base, but secretly loves it.

Perseus Seaver - Pacificus [Charlie Hunnam; Namor/Aquaman]
• The current king of Triton, one of the nations of merpeople. A long-time archnemisis of the Guardians, but had a change of heart about a decade ago when he ascended the throne. Still working on the whole “being good” thing. Talks like a Shakespearean character.

Akira Ueda - Viper [Devon Aoki; Black Widow/Black Canary]
• Born and raised by anarchist syndicate H.E.B.I. to be the perfect assassin, but defected first chance she got. Often seen smiling and joking around, but it’s all in an effort to disguise her guilt over her past. Pretty much immune to psychic attack on top of her martial arts and espionage training.

Chris Franklin - Crisis [Nathan Stewart-Jarett; Cyborg]
• Created by the founder of modern AI, Dr. Cynthia Franklin, to be the savior of all human conflict and raised as his son. Went independant several years ago, after his father’s tragic death. Also probably holds the title of the world’s kindest, cheeriest android.

[Former Members]
Sasha Harlow - Guardian [Emily Blunt; Ant-Man/Wasp] *deceased
• Arguably the 20th century’s most prominent superhero. Guardian was a symbol of hope and security for people everywhere. Sacrificed herself in the battle that brought together the Guardians in order to save the world. Was very close to Leandro.

Timoti Harris - Crossfire [Manu Bennet; Deathstroke] *defected
• [bio can be found under Syndicate Members]

Daisuke Murakami - Ghost [Ken Watanabe] *retired
• A mutant hero who decided to join the Guardians instead of eXcelsior. Not as well-known to the public due to his preference for working on private cases and espionage missions. A psionic mutant with particularly strong possession and bilocation abilities. Retired in the nineties and is currently working as a history professor at Oxford University.

NAME UNKNOWN - Hecate [UNKNOWN] *retired
• Another lesser-known mutant hero among the Guardians ranks with the power to cast illusions. Only worked with the team for a small period of time in the nineties before disappearing again. A personal hero of Kei’s.

Dr. Chelsea Xylander - The Professor [Helen Mirren; Charles Xavier]
• A well-known geneticist, philanthropist, and activist since the sixties. Used the immense wealth she inherited to found a boarding school for other mutants that has been operating for over fifty years. Probably the world’s most powerful telepath. Her stances haven’t progressed much since the school’s founding and her moderate views are becoming an issue for some.

Rosalie Griswold - Mirage [Gugu Mbatha-Raw; Jean Grey]
• Originally handpicked by the Professor to lead eXcelsior in her retirement. However, recent revelations about the Professor’s past and her own doubts about becoming a leader have led to her renouncing the title. Might just give the Professor a run for her money in the “world’s most powerful telepath” category.

Julia Gates - Concussion [Mackenzie Davis; Cyclops]
• Longtime girlfriend of Mirage and the current defacto leader of eXcelsior. Has the ability to absorb kinetic energy and redirect it as concussive blasts. More than a little reckless and hardheaded. Recently discovered her long-lost sister, Catastrophe, is leading the League.1

Timoti Harris - Crossfire [Manu Bennet; Deathstroke]
• A super soldier hero who discovered he liked the destruction side of his work a little too much. Grew fed up with the lack of progress the world was making after years of heroing efforts and decided to help it progress towards ruin instead.

Eros - Eros [Evan Rachel Wood; Enchantress]
• A powerful sorceress and long-time archenemy of Persephone. Believes in keeping balance in the world by maintaining a certain level of chaos. One of the few heroes or villains that doesn’t have a secret identity; villainy is her full-time job.

Charles Okono [Chiwetel Ejiofor; Lex Luthor]
• An old business partner of Winston Sterling. Despite his polite and affable nature, Charles is only interested in furthering himself and his own goals. Doesn’t fight on the battlefield, but plays a large part in bankrolling the Syndicate’s efforts.

Dr. Geoffrey Lourdes - Danger [Gerard Butler; Green Goblin]
• Dr. Henri’s former scientific rival. After learning about Mr. Hyde’s origins, he decided to recreate the formula himself. If this Dr. NAME’s recent escapades are anything to go by - he not only succeeded in giving himself superhuman strength, but he also gave himself over to his dark half.

Dr. Shauna Hodges - Elektra [Taraji P. Hensen; Doctor Doom/Doctor Light]
• A genius weapons engineer who accidentally gained powers from one of her experiments. Her stocks have since gone through the roof. War is one of the most profitable businesses out there, but Dr. Hodges has bigger ambitions than just that. No one would be surprised to find her running an entire nation one day.

[General Members]
NAME UNKNOWN - Enigma [Matt Smith; Joker/Domino]
• No one knows where Enigma came from, much less the origin of his probability manipulation powers. All they know is that he’s a menace. Joins in on Syndicate activities when it suits him. Other than that, he’s just out here wreaking havoc for shits and giggles. (...Probably.)

[The Banshees]
Dr. Ysabel Basurto - Drosera [Ana de Armas; Poison Ivy]
• After gaining chlorokinetic powers and plant-like physiology, Dr. Basurto actually worked as a freelance vigilante for a bit, mostly focusing on environmental efforts. However, she hated the slow pace of justice, and cast off the hero title to become more proactive. Dating Discord.

Sawamura Kaede - Kitsune [Tao Okamoto; Catwoman]
• The unofficial leader of the Banshees. A disgraced heiress who originally kicked off her career by trying to steal back her family’s fortune. However, after uncovering the cruel underbelly of the upper class, she took on more of a Robin Hood role instead. Not so secretly has a thing with The Mask, but she also resents the fact that he retains his billionaire status instead of redistributing his wealth more completely.

Dr. Catrina “Kitty” Frye - Discord [Cara Delevigne; Harley Quinn]
• Really just got into this business for the lolz - academia is so stuffy, you know? - but sticks around for her girlfriend, Drosera, who she’s completely devoted to. A former physicist/engineer who uses her knowledge to build all kinds of tricky devices and booby traps to mess with the “good guys”. Particularly bombs. Who doesn’t love a good explosion?

[The League of Mutants]
Dr. Helen Jernigan - Polaris [Judi Dench; Magneto]
• Professor Xylander’s former partner in academia, activism, and everything else. However, her more radical views put them at odds and they eventually split. The two maintain a tense, but cordial relationship. By all accounts, a very pleasant woman...when she isn’t, you know, plotting the downfall of humanity.

Victoria Gates - Catastrophe [Billie Piper; Dark Phoenix/Vulcan]
• An incredibly powerful mutant with the ability to absorb and redirect nearly any kind of energy. Has taken over the role of future League leader in the Selene’s absence. A bit more into the destructive side of things than Polaris.

NAME UNKNOWN - Selene [UNKNOWN; Emma Frost]
• Polaris’s former right-hand woman. Originally groomed to take over the League when Polaris retired, but disappeared over thirty years ago.



[Angelica Erthal]

likes: iced coffee, dark lipstick, keeping a journal, speculative fiction, correcting people (she’s working on it), cooking, reading, floral perfumes, planners, girls standing up for other girls, singing in the shower, dressing nicely, going to museums, friendly arguments, a glass of wine with dinner, smart comedies, wearing heels, practicing her powers, people who get her humor, science jokes

dislikes: being wrong, pumpkin flavoring, getting called the wrong name, nine out of ten romcoms, infomercials, unsanitary things, being bored/tidiem, sharing a bed, overplayed songs on the radio, littering, arguing with people who don’t realize how wrong they are, public bathrooms, all the New York accent jokes, accidental autocorrects, having to carry a purse around, uncomfortable reading positions, psychic scrambling devices, headaches (both psychic ones and the regular kind), public transportation

occupation: Molecular biology doctoral student at USC

personality: Kei is a hard person to get to know. This is purposeful on her behalf. Secrets, and the lies they create, have played a large part in her upbringing. It takes a lot for Kei to trust someone - particularly considering the fact that she can read minds. Those who break that trust better be prepared to stay on her Shit List forever. Kei can hold a grudge a mile long and first impressions count for a lot in her book. Memories of her own mistakes also weigh heavy on her mind. She is determined and stubborn, occasionally tipping into foolhardiness. Her secret-keeping proclivities might also have something to do with her overwhelming desire to keep people safe. Kei is utterly devoted to her cause, both moral and personal. She enjoys arguing for fun, as a way to flex her logic muscles, but her opponents might have a hard time determining if they cross the line and genuinely make her mad. In a fight, Kei has a bad habit of charging ahead because she occasionally forgets not everyone else can read her mind and understand what she’s up to (she’s working on it, though!). Kei doesn’t really like physical contact - she deals with mental contact 24/7 and it gets exhausting after a while. The same goes for speaking, but this is also because Kei’s kinda…awkward. Her strange, semi-deadpan humor takes some getting used to and her telepathy gets in the way of most regular conversations. She’s also easily embarrassed, mostly by herself. Really, Kei’s a good person and just wants to help, she just has a hard time showing it.


Daisuke Murakami - father, 55 - Ken Watanabe
• A professor at Todai. Divorced Vitoria when the twins were fairly young and moved back to his native Tokyo. Great at keeping contact with his kids despite the distance.

Vitoria Nazareno - mother, 51 - Morena Baccarin
• A painter for a stage production company. Both more expressive and more secretive than her ex-husband. More than a little protective of her kids. Where Kei gets her sense of humor.

Anthony Ramon - step-father, 56 - Benjamin Bratt
• The bright, energetic sun to Vitoria's enigmatic moon. Perpetually young and always smiling. Works for an art gallery. Very close with the twins, and they even call him "dad" sometimes. Completely in the dark about how close he is to the superheroes.

Issei Murakami - twin brother, 24 - Hideo Muraoka
• Kei’s twin brother and closest confidant. The Humanities Twin™. Just as quiet as Kei, but more out of shyness than a general dislike of talking. Weren't that close when they were younger, but now they Facetime every other day. Has the same powers as Kei, but they’re proficient in completely different things. Decided not to join eXcelsior after his time at the Academy, and didn't want to become a member of the Guardians either. Currently studying history at Oxford.

Vance Garret - friend/mentor, 28 - ???
• One of the newest full-time Guardians members and one of the only mutants in their ranks. Went to the Academy around the same time as Kei and her brother, before joining the Professor's team, eXcelsior for a few years. Eventually wound up leaving due to… philosophical disagreements. Has enhanced strength, agility and stamina, but his main ability is adaptive muscle memory. Giant ball of sunshine and probably a little awkward, but lovable anyway.



powers/abilities: Kei’s powers are all psionic in nature. She has weak telekinesis and bilocation abilities, but her most prominent powers are her telepathy and psionic energy manipulation. She is proficient at both communicating through thoughts, as well as searching through memories. While she can take control of another’s mind or manipulate their memories, she doesn’t like to do it, so her level of skill is rather lacking. Her forcefields are strong enough to stop most bullets and she can throw this energy at will. Kei can also use her telekinesis to fly, but that gets exhausting quickly. Her psionic energy is a distinct indigo.

origin: As a mutant, Kei’s powers first manifested when a junk strand of DNA activated. She was a little bit of a late bloomer, however, so Kei wasn’t even fully aware of them until much later than most other mutants.

strengths: Kei’s main strength is her telepathy. She’s had the most practice with it and it’s the strongest of her powers. Her range is several miles wide if she pushes herself. Kei tends to prefer fighting long distance, but she does have a little experience in close combat. She’s also pretty handy with emergency medical assistance and coming up with bursts of strategy (though not the full strategy herself).

weaknesses: Her telepathy. Yeah, exactly. Kei can’t turn it off - not fully - so there’s always some background chatter in her mind and there are times when it gets distracting. Kei is also weak to the same things all psychics are; mental attacks, thought scramblers, those immune to telepathy, etc. Spending long times in crowded places never fails to give her a headache and, however rarely, might even result in an uncontrolled burst of psychic energy. Her ability to read thoughts has also made her have a hard time trusting others and she’s not great at communicating during missions.
















How do “auditions” work?
• Just C+P the blank audition form, pick a color, and fill it out in the trainees section! And, for a fun twist, feel free to “redact” any information if make the characters more ~mysterious~. (For example, I’m hiding my character’s bio right now because I want to reveal it over the course of the story, like a traditional novel!)

How will stories work?
• I’m…still figuring that out tbh. For now, I was thinking Wattpad chapters, but I’d really like to work that out together! As for events, I have a bunch in mind for months ahead. If anyone knows some sort of collaborative calendar app, I’d be really into it! That way we can all add ideas for events (like character birthdays, villain attacks, etc.) where other PCs might be included and we can plot out long storylines together. None of the events will be required and they’ll all be spaced pretty far apart. Other than that, this group will be a bit more independent, a la ‘Razzi!

Can I make new heroes/villains/Guardians members?
• Big yes! 100%! Go for it! The only no-no is making a new founding Guardians member.

Can my character have connections with pre-existing NPCs?
• Absolutely! Ask before making connections with an NPC that another person/character has connections to (natch), but it would be really fun to make this like a real comic book universe with lots of interconnections between characters!

Do my characters have to be inspired by pre-existing comic book characters?
• Nope! Feel free to make whatever kind of character you want!

Can I add to the WORLDBUILDING section/bring in lore for a different part of the universe? (aliens, other dimensions, time travelers?)
• HELL FUCKING YES!!! I would be so absolutely delighted! Let’s flesh out this Guardians-verse together :D I basically just want it to be a giant sandbox for us all to play around in!

[Also, random note, but I’d also suggest going hard on the ‘weaknesses’ part of the character profile. The characters are gonna be trainees, so they’re not fully-realized heroes yet. (Though it would be fun to have a character who’s based on the Almighty Janitor TVTrope - like a former hero who got somehow nerfed and has to start from scratch.) I also suggest against them being “too powerful to control their abilities” without some kind of fun twist. Basically, no OP characters, but that probably goes without saying haha]







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