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Untitled by guest on 13th August 2020 05:34:04 AM

Dear accounting department manager,

I hope you’re having a great morning.

My name is Samantha Chavez and I’m excited to be your newest resident in less than a week in unit 2315-A! I have been looking forward to moving into Fifty Twenty-Five for some time now to join my classmates at SDSU for the fall semester and onwards. 

One of the risks that my family and I took when deciding to reside at Fifty Twenty-Five for the next year was not one of safety, but financially. Although my mother is lucky enough to be able to contribute to San Diego’s success in fighting COVID with her work as a respiratory therapist, we remain concerned about our continued financial health as a family. 

With this in mind, I would like to humbly request a deferment of the two-month advance in rent currently posted to my account as a balance. As you can see, I have successfully posted a $1080 payment already. The current balance posted is $1809, which I would like to politely request to be split into two $905 payments due my second and third month of residency, respectively, as a rent payment. If you were able to make an exemption to grant this request, I can guarantee you timely payment for my entire history of my future residency at Fifty Twenty-Five. 

As you can see below, we received an approval that would otherwise seemingly permit us to lease without a two-month advance, and this reversal 

I sincerely hope that this is possible – it would mean the world to me and my mother, and would alleviate so much stress from her already-stressful life helping to fight COVID-19 in San Diego.


Samantha Chavez

Future Tentant

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