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About Escrow Group Hong Kong - posted by guest on 7th April 2021 07:02:33 AM

Recognising the unique requirements of the escrow industry, we have developed a service focused on providing a wide range of sectors with bespoke international escrow solutions.

An escrow service enables a buyer and a seller (and their financiers) to exchange funds and documentation through an independent third party in order to safeguard both the buyer and the sellers' interests. The complexities occurring within a merger and/or acquisition necessitate a reliable escrow agent to facilitate a smooth transaction and ensure a simultaneous and risk free handling of funds and all applicable paperwork.

Our agents provide a dependable, confidential and efficient service, while also being responsiveness and mainting the highest levels of professionalism. Our impartiality, wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding, ensures a seamless process for what can otherwise be a complex and time consuming experience. We differentiate from other escrow services in that we:

- hold all funds with internationally recognised financial institutions

- operate on a myriad of international time zones

- offer escrow services protected by professional indemnity insurance

Being headquartered in Hong Kong, means we are conveniently placed to work with an international clientele that includes private, high net worth individuals, corporate entities, lawyers, professionals, financial institutions and multinational conglomerates.

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