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Prodej - posted by guest on 25th March 2020 11:27:11 PM

cloak 5 taming 5 enticement

val leather ruce 5 zblizka (2x)

ver chain nohy 5 zblizka

val chain hrud 6 zblizka

ver chain hrud 7 zblizka

ver chain coiffa 5 zblizka

iron plate ruce 5 healing

saty 5 peace

klobouk 15 na golemy

prsten 10 na golemy

ver plate ruce 6 zblizka 8 zdalky

obs plate ruce 5 zdalky

obs plate ruce 3 dex 4 rege hp(dyrax 350 dojdi)

ver plate krk 9 blok kouzla 2 sila

val plate nohy 10 blok kouzla

val plate hlava 8 kouzla 4 resist

zbytek mam necoo ve vendorovi barad brana

koupim itemy

na resist(obleceni,sperky krom necklace a klobouku)

itemy na intu(sperky krom necklace,obleceni krom klobouku,val+ studet casti)

itemy na ei(obleceni a sperky)

eben gnarledky

obs studety

klidne mensi hodnoty

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