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A school at risk of closure By adele on 12th March 2020 08:57:29 PM

A humanitarian trip to Tanzania, from November to December in 2019 has given me a unique experience with a generous and passionate Tanzanian family .

This family has changed my life in so many amazing ways I can’t describe. Their extreme generosity and influence in the children’s education of Ngaramoni, a small village close to the city Arusha, has touched me deeply. 

Thanks to their dedication to education and their tenacity, they built a school that welcomes around 300 children, between 4 and 16 years old. 

30 of the children receive learning support, meals and housing during school time.

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world and education is low on the priority list of the government.

The school is run as well as it can be due to it’s limited capabilities but the government and the police are threatening to close the school if doesn't expand. However no financial aid has been granted. 

In Tanzania, land is sold to the people offering the most money. This process plunges schools like this into peril leading to a bleak future.

The needs are serious and the maintenance is expensive. Unfortunately, the director with whom I lived for 6 weeks, lacks the financial resources to fund these vital projects. This is the reason why I am using this website to fundraise . 

The funds raised will help to build new infrastructure, like a kitchen, sport hall, a canteen and class rooms. This will prove to the government that these projects are real and deserve serious increases in funding for these disadvantaged communities. 

I hope you will help me to support him.

The director of the school is an amazing man, with exceptional qualities I have rarely seen in my life. It is my aim to help him achieve his goals.

Please don’t hesitate to share the link, and tell people about this project. Even hassling your colleagues, friends or family works sometimes. =) 

Hear this call from my heart. Let's try and work together by donating as much as we can.

The children thank you as I do. 

"Without education a child is an orphan" French proverb

" Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the worldNelson Mandela

More info about Tanzania click here

More photos of school and children click here

Adele Marchegay Damourette

26 years old, Paris

General nurse since 2017

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