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ONLINE CLASSES - posted by guest on 26th March 2020 04:16:01 AM

Online Action 

Afternoon Students and Parents! I hope you are keeping yourselves healthy and sane in these tough times. Big thank-you for all the support.

 we cant wait to see you working hard in your lounge rooms! Remember, you can now attend as many classes as you like! Take advantage of it if you have the time as you will learn SO SO much. There is a link attached to this SMS that you can use if you want help accessing the LIVE classes too.  

Thank-you to all I have managed to catch on the phone/text or in class. I am grateful for your support and ongoing commitment to yours and your children's education. Our classes are so much more than just punches and kicks, they teach us to be better, more positive human beings and these qualities will be essential in rebuilding our lives after this is over. I am also aware many of you look forward to the classes as it gives you some time to reset while your children are entertained!  

I would also like to offer you all something else that I hope you will appreciate and take advantage of. 

You can now book via sms / messenger or Facebook, 10 minute 1 on 1 sessions with me. These are at no charge. I figure if we are all going to be stuck at home, I would rather continue to provide support to those who would like it between meetings and calls. Sessions will be limited to 5 per day and have to be outside of class times.  

If I have missed any of you on the phone and you would like to speak with me about anything at all, just send me a message and Ill call. 0428 515 107

Otherwise, I will either see you online soon or in a few months when the world returns to normal. 

Here is the link to the "How to Access Online Classes" Ho To Access My Online Classes 

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