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Untitled by guest on 14th February 2020 08:10:09 PM

A church appears in an open field. It is late into the night, and stormy. Suddenly a thunderbolt strikes the ground; the flash illuminates a figure running while holding another.  It is high crusader Sun carrying high priestess Raenke. Sun kicks open the doors to the church and the candles begin to flicker from the wind that entered with him. Sun run towards the altar and throws off all the decorations. He lays Raenke down onto the altar and begins chanting a holy spell. Raenke took a stab to the stomach and is bleeding badly. Raenke slowly reaches her hand up to grab Suns arm. She struggles to say, “It must be done.” Sun nods his head with confidence. He pulls a dagger from his belt and slices through Raenke’s corset and dress.  He gently lifts her up with his right hand to pull away the bloodied garments. Sun behinds to chant again, the blood on the altar and her body begin to flow back into her body. The wound seals up, but she is still in pain. Rae slowly regains consciousness and uses one arm to hide her supple breasts and her other to cover her untouched, tight vagina.  Sun assures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of; she is a very beautiful young woman. Sun takes the discarded altar cover and drapes it around her. She then helps her off of the altar and onto the ground, but he stumbles as she puts her weight on his. Sun is holding at his side when Rae says, “Sun, you’re injured; you shouldn’t have carried me here. Let me see, take off that armor.” Sun resistant at first, removes his helm, unhooks his chest plate, and unlatches his plate legs. Raenke says, “That’s not all, I need to check you for other wounds, lie down on ground by the altar. Sun strips naked and does as she says. Raenke removes the altar piece and slowly climbs on top of Sun sensually. Raenke whispers in his ear, “So this is what it takes for you to remove your armor.” Sun get up slightly and responds hesitantly, “What about our vows?” She gets up on her knees and runs her finger along Suns chest and abs then pushes him back down and says, “Saradomin won’t mind just this once, will he.” Raenke puts her hands onto Sun’s shoulders and slowly slides them down, putting her ass into the air, and then slowly leveling out. She starts to rub Sun’s throbbing member until just before cumming. She climbs back up onto Sun and whispers into his ear, “Are you read for more?” He just lies there and nods. Sun realizes that he should command Raenke like he commands his order. Sun grabs her body and spins around throwing down Raenke onto the ground. He pins her to arms above her head and says, “As Grand Crusader of the Order of Light, you are hereby under arrest for being extremely naughty.” “Your punishment is 2 hours of rough love.” Raenke, shocked, responds, “This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.” Sun releasing on of her hands and uses his now free hand to cast a spell of silence. Raenke mouth is suddenly unable to make sound, she tries to scream but nothing comes out. She relaxes accepting her fate, and then teases his cock with her free hand. Sun says, “Prisoners must be restrained. By the power of Saradomin be restrained.” Suddenly golden chains shoots up from the ground and restrict her arms above her head and her legs separated. Raenke looks around then smiles sensually. Sun then enters her tight pussy. Thrusting again and again, faster and faster. Rae tries to scream in please, but nothing comes out of her mouth. Sun would bring her to the brink of climax then slow down to extend the pleasure. He supports his weight with one hand and uses the other to cup her soft supple breasts, ever teasing the nipple to send shock of pleasure throughout her body. After two sweet hours of love making, Sun began to chant as he thrusted. Spirits of the dead began rushing through their bodies causing intense moments of pleasure each time one would pass through. Then climax, both Sun and Rae climaxed together in sweet agony. Sun, like a gentleman, got up, healed his wound, put on his linens, and then carried his armor and his sword out of the church. Rae, all the while, lays there naked, cum dripping from her vagina, still silently screaming. It is now morning, Sun wakes up stretches his arms out and then his eyes open wide. “OH SHIT” He runs downstairs back into the church and sees Raenke still lying there, asleep now.  Friar Fudge has got up to do his usual morning prayers and was sitting there at the altar still praying. It appeared that he cleaned up the altar and through a blanket over Raenke. He got up slowly, then walked towards Sun. As he walked by he stopped to say, “Hope you don’t mind, I took my turn this morning.” Sun’s jaw dropped.  Sun released the two spells holding her there and keeping her silent. She immediately awaked and looked around and saw Sun. She ran at him and said, “Do you have any idea what I went through last night, 5 stray dogs, 2 wandering unicorns, and a gentle yet thorough friar had their way with me. “ The blanket fell, her vagina was filled with a multitude of different sperm dripping out. She then began to run her mouth off some more and then, Sun recasted the vow of silence spell on her, and slowly walked away saying, “That’s what happens when you act so unpriestly.” 

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