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For what languages is #other-general for, dude? - posted by guest on 1st August 2020 10:53:11 PM

you may be asking me, what languages have their place in #other-general? 
Well, the answer is simple: All the languages that don't have their place in #other-general wow that didn't help idiot. Okay, here is a list of families, subfamilies and languages that are NOT part of #other-general because they already have channels:

Germanic languages

Romance languages

Celtic languages

Turkic languages

Balto-Slavic languages

Uralic languages

Indo-Iranian languages

Austronesian languages

Afro-Asiatic languages

Sino-Tibetan languages

Isolate languages

Constructed languages

some languages are listed under the "Other Languages" category but already have their own channel, these include:

African languages

Amerindian languages (Indigenous languages of the Americas)


Sign Languages




and what isn't on this list, goes!

you can check to what category a language belongs by looking them up online, for example on Wikipedia

have fun!


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