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Amazon - posted by guest on 10th April 2021 11:25:53 AM

We think that Amazon has no problem regarding the price of its products. However, due to the overwhelming competition, we think that it would be better for Amazon to market through practicing green marketing and online advertising. Many people have become more aware of the environment, and businesses are also being held accountable for their actions to the environment. The terms used in Corporate Social Responsibility, for example, are considered business ethics. The company does well by doing good through its contribution to society. 

One way to implement my recommendation is to put the ads on youtube. Most people use Youtube, and the cost of doing advertisements on Youtube is much lower than doing TV commercials. In terms of Amazon Prime, Netflix usually advertises its services on Youtube. This makes many people know Netflix more, even though Amazon Prime has more films to watch and it also has a cheaper price. Also, in terms of sustainability, we think that Amazon will attract customers and get a good reputation by encouraging customers to practice green marketing. For example, Amazon could encourage customers to donate their old garments or old goods that are still in a good condition, and Amazon will give the amount of money through Amazon gift cards if the goods meet certain requirements. We think that it will be helpful for Amazon to gain profitability, and also for the customers to engage in eco-friendly movement as the garment is one of the products that creates the most waste. 

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