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Name: Kei Tsukishima. ( Tsukki by his friends and close ones.)

Age: 23

Occupation: Barista

Major: Art, minor in English

Dream Career: Graphic Designer

Nationality: Japanese/British

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Birthdate: September 27th

Early Life

Living as the youngest Tsukishima of his household, his childhood consisted of many memories that have shaped him into the person he is now. As a kid, he adored having an older brother, however it wasn’t the kind of bond many of his classmates shared with their siblings. The only thing they had in common was volleyball and even that didn’t bring them any closer. He held different relationships with his parents. His mother whom he was very close to and his father whom he lost respect for when he witnessed the first time he had raised a hand towards her. They divorced when he began his first year of middle school.  

High school was his more content days and because he had volleyball, he was more involved than he had expected to be. Volleyball was definitely a hobby that soon grew into a passion, but once he graduated, he didn’t pursue it any longer. He occasionally plays with friends when they invite him, but he doesn’t go out of his way to play.

College years, like anyone else, he struggled to find who he was as a person. Depression had played a big part, which had almost caused him to drop out in his first year. The first year was when he was at his lowest point in life and he had placed himself in plenty of situations he wasn’t too fond of.

General Appearance

His height is still what people notice at first glance, but he’s used to the unusual stares. He prefers to wear his glasses over contacts, only because he has a hard time remembering to take them out before he goes to sleep. The only time he really dedicates to them is if he’s going on a date with someone he wants to impress. Keeping his hairstyle relatively short like he had previous years, it’s only when he gets lazy to go have it done when it gets longer, but he dislikes it very much so he never lets it get too shaggy past his ears. He mostly gets his looks from his father.


People are usually intimated by him because of his “resting bitch face” and is perceived as an asshole by others, but is generally guarded with his emotions. Though, he comes off relaxed with people he knows, while with strangers he may be a little standoffish. There are times when he feels as if everyone around him is out to get him. Comparing his current personality with his high school days, he’s mellowed out more falling as an ambivert instead of an introvert. Though, a few sassy remarks may be said every so often because how can he not.

Minor Likes/Dislikes

( + ) Science books, strawberry shortcake, the smell of rain.

( - ) Violent movies, lima beans, food stuck in between his teeth. 


- Fluent in Japanese and English

- His self confidence is low at times due to past experiences, but he tries to hide that fact about himself.

- He can be a dominant person when it’s needed, but generally doesn’t like confrontation.

- He feels most at ease when he listens to lo-fi music. It being his favorite genre, he listens to it on the daily no matter the mood, helping him also concentrate.

- One of his biggest secrets was taking nudes for money to pay for college.

- He isn’t the biggest fan of showing his body because of the scars he has from self harm.

- He liked to collect rocks as a child, but once he saw his first Jurassic Park movie, he enjoyed collecting figurines. As he got older, he only kept three of his favorites - pachycephalosaurus, velociraptor, and the triceratops. 

- He is a fan of Star Wars. Kylo Ren being his favorite because of the similar personality traits they share like having parental issues and trouble finding himself. 

- He hates heights and will avoid them at all costs. 

- He likes to draw little doodles of dinosaurs on to go drinks during work. 

- Because of his abusive father, Kei would do whatever he could as a child to protect his mother but wasn’t a very good fighter and still isn’t. 

- He tries his best to visit his mother when he isn’t working or is busy with school. 

- He isn’t close with his older brother but will call them every year to wish them a happy birthday. 

Relationship/NSFW HCS

- His ideal first date would be him showing off his lo-fi playlist that he made which includes songs that reminds him of them. 

- Relationships aren’t foreign to him, but he has a difficult time expressing his emotions or at times, expresses them too much; perceiving him to be clingy. 

- The biggest regret he has is giving his virginity up to someone he thought loved him. 

- Depending on the person and how their relationship is, he can be sexually dominant or submissive. 

- Is a switch, but finds himself bottoming at times.

- Being a kinkster, sensory deprivation is at the top of his list. 

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