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Love is strange 4 by guest on 9th November 2019 09:40:53 AM

It had been a week since Evelyn had confessed her full feelings to Penelope and everything had changed. Penelope had just finished her grand prank which had been imminently stressful for her. She had taken to the prefect bath enjoying the hot water on her skin with Merula sitting behind her rubbing her shoulders. Merula was the Slytherin prefect giving her an excuse to play with her girlfriend. The only one who wasnt allowed to be there was Evelyn. Evelyn was submerged in the soapy water her head between Penelope's thighs. 

Her tongue worked eagerly hungrily inside Penelope. Continuing even when Penelope pushed Evelyn's head fully under the water when another prefect entered. There was something exciting about the danger both in getting caught and in holding her under the water. Evelyn's life was in Penelope's hands or thighs in this case. And Evelyn didn't struggle or resist her mouth only eager to please Penelope. Penelope gripped Evelyn's hair holding her face against Penelope's pussy as she came with a loud gasp before relaxing completely her neck in Merula's modest cleavage. "Fuck... That's good." Penelope sighed contentedly. 

Evelyn's head lifted put of the water around her neck was a waterproof enchanted collar reading " Property of Penelope Rivera and Merula Snyde." Penelope smiled down at her. " I will never get tired of seeing you like this. I love you Evelyn. " she said stroking Evelyn's face lovingly. Merula nibbled Penelope's neck. "Ahhh! I love you too Merula." Penelope gasped. Merula grinned. "Well I'm almost ready to get out but first I want to be sure we're really clean." 

Merula suggest pulling Penelope to her feet. "Merula what are you-" she started but Merula gently pushed her making her catch herself on the tub edge ads in the air. She then assumed the same position beside Penelope. "Stick your tongue in both of our asses and be thorough. " Merula commanded. Penelope looked at Merula eyes wide. " Isn't this a bit OH!" She exclaimed feeling Evelyn's face between her was cheeks taking a deep inhalation her nose pressed against Penelope's bum. " Ev.." Penelope began but gasped feeling the tongue running over her pucker with absolute devotion slowly prodding. 

Penelope gasped put as Evelyn's tongue slowly worked into her asshole slowly swirling inside. Merula bit her lip flushed watching her girlfriends at work. Evelyn swallowed the saliva that swirled around inside Penelope's ass audibly with a whimper of bliss. Slowly her tongue slid out and she moved kissing Merula deeply before Merula could object to the taste of both her girlfriends Evelyn broke the loss and moved around to Merula's ads repeating the process she Penelope watched as Evelyn's tongue explored Merula's ass. Penelope could see the bliss on both girls faces when Evelyn began kissing her suddenly Merula's ass and Evelyn's taste mingled in the kiss. 

Soon she broke the kiss. Evelyn looked to Penelope. " Before we call it a night there's something I want to do. Meet me in the girls restroom on the third floor." Evelyn said. Penelope looked a bit startled. " We're not...?" Merula and Evelyn both looked confused then a bit horrified. " No no not that I promise." Evelyn assured her. "Although..." She started before Merula tugged her ear. " Go Now. Get ready." Merula commanded and Evelyn dressed in her robe. She didnt wear anything undermeath and took off.

Later that evening Penelope and Merula showed up to the bathroom there were candles lit around the room and Evelyn was naked kneeling on the floor with her wand at her side. "Evelyn what are you doing ?" Penelope asked. " I want to make an unbreakable vow to you. To both of you." She answered. " No no no way. If you broke that vow you would die. And I'm not losing you. I love you. We love you. " Penelope said firmly. Evelyn bit her lip. " I know. But I love you too. And I want to show you. I want to give my everything to you. My heart. My soul. My love. My life. I want you to understand how important both of you are to me. I'd rather die than live in a world where I lost you. I... I need to do this. But I will let you make the commands." Evelyn replied looking into Penelope's eyes tears welling. " Please." She pleaded. 

Penelope bit her lip and sighed. " let me go get Rowan she'll know how to phrase this. Merula you stay with her. " Penelope replied and hurried out. When she returned the blood drained from her face seeing all of her Cursebreaker friends and Ismelda too! SHITSHITSHITSHIT! This was NOT what she was expecting. Tonks rubbed her head sheepishly. " I saw you talking to Rowan and thought we were having a cursebreaker meeting. "Evelyn..." Penelope said looking at the scars and burns. " If this is what you do to people you love I feel sorry for Mills when you find him." Quipped Diego. " Evelyn shook her head. " I did some of these to myself. The rest ... Were my brother. " 

she admitted looking down shamefully. "Well.... He's dead." Bill said calmly. "Need help disposing a body? I got connections" Jae offered. "We could give him to a dragon" Charlie said his back turned. Everyone looked at him. " What? If anyone did that to Gin I'd do the same thing. You don't hurt family. And Evelyn And Merula and everyone here are part of our family. " Charlie said firmly. Bill clapped Charlie on the shoulder. " You're damn right." He said with a smile at his brother. " I'm not family I'm just here because of Merula and the unbreakable vow. "Ismelda said crossing her arms.

"What?" Bill said flatly. Evelyn spoke up. " I'm pledging myself to Merula and Penelope in an unbreakable vow. " Evelyn explained. "You could die!" Chairs explained. "That's an unnecessary risk for romance. Talbott added. " Hi Evelyn why are you naked?" Barnaby asked. " Was wondering that myself. " Andre admitted. " Well we didn't expect the bloody circus in here. Not that it bothers Evelyn much she probably enjoys being seen. But we're supposed to be getting the wording right to make it as safe as possible. " Merula explained.

Penelope began discussing the vows with the others after about 3 hours of discussion they were ready. Penelope held put her wand for Evelyn to grasp. " Evelyn Darque will you protect the family we three will form and our descendants and my sister Minnie to the best of your ability for the rest of your life?" She asked. " I will" Evelyn answered as the first bond formed. " Will you swear obedience to Me, Merula and Penelope so long as our commands to not conflict with protecting us? Merula asked. " I will" Evelyn answered. " And will you love us both with every beat of your heart until it stops for the last time?" Merula asked. " Hold on if she agrees to that she could just wake up and die one morning she can control obeying and protecting but her heart isn't something she can control. " Penelope objected.

" I will. " Evelyn answered and the final bond formed. Everyone gasped as the ritual ended. " I'd rather die then ever stop loving you both." She answered her eyes full of devotion. Penelope pulled Evelyn into her arms kissing her deeply as Merula moved in slipping between them. The others watched awkwardly as Tulip subtly slid her hand down her skirt. " We should go this has been educational. " Penny said. The group left and Penelope sighed. "Well that got weird fast." She said. Merula chuckled. " Yes but our life is weird" she answered. Penelope nodded. " Let's get some rest we're close to finding the vault and Milo." She said softly.

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