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Role Profile - Combat Medical Technician - posted by guest on 30th June 2020 02:20:55 PM

Taken from: https://jive.defencegateway.mod.uk/docs/DOC-83473

Combat Medical Technicians (CMT's) provide emergency treatment to soldiers, contributing to the management of battlefield casualties as part of a multi-disciplinary team. They also deal with soldiers’ routine medical needs in a primary healthcare role. Most Army Reserve units have CMT's within their Unit Aid Post (UAP), and they are also found in Medical Regiments, Field Hospitals and Specialist Units.

CMT's are first trained in military skills and fieldcraft and then over the next few years rise from class three (CMT 3) to class one standard (CMT 1), learning advanced medical and battlefield trauma life support techniques. Promotion prospects are good and over a period of time promotion to the rank of Warrant Officer should be attainable. CMT's have to be the jack of all trades and can work in a number of areas such as a forward medical section collecting and treating casualties, accompanying a fighting patrol, or working in an operations room.

Furthermore, many of our CMT's, as they progress through the ranks, get the chance to become trainers and can attend instructor courses in battlefield first aid, skill at arms, chemical warfare, drill, map reading, physical training and a host of adventurous training pursuits like rock climbing, skiing, canoeing, hill walking etc.

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