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Un-denial.com review - posted by guest on 9th October 2020 09:36:39 PM

Un-denial.com examines the evolutionary theory that our success as species was driven by denial of reality, and we've gone too far with it. It's centered around a fairly popular book by Ajit Varki.

Usually, un-denial does a good job of documenting reality, but when the topic of race and crime comes up, political-correctness shuts down rational debate. This author was banned for posting evidence-based replies to smug and profane comments from readers insisting blacks are mostly victims of oppression and police are the real problem.

See: https://www.google.com/search?&q=site%3Aun-denial.com+%22false+progress%22+%22black+crime%22 (actual comments leading to ban were deleted from newer page)

Admittedly, those posts strayed off-topic from the original article, but that happens often in long comment threads. A line was clearly crossed into a taboo topic, even for proclaimed denial-fighters.

Refer back to: https://falseprogress.home.blog/2019/10/27/give-the-police-a-break-martyred-criminals-are-the-real-villains/

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